Category: Handgun Basics

Practicing With Your Handgun Without Ammunition

Over the past 14 months, ammunition has been difficult to obtain for everyone. Prices have sky-rocketed, both at the retail and the wholesale levels. Bulk ammo is double or even triple the cost that it was in 2019. If one did not have a stash of ammo, it is now difficult or impossible to practice… Read more »

How To Carry A Concealed Handgun

There is no one way to carry that works for everyone in all situations. I have carried for over 40 years now, pretty much all the time, and I have learned a few things over that time. I have carried in shoulder holsters, inside the waistband holsters middle of the back, kidney, and appendix, in… Read more »

Selecting Your First Handgun

At last count, I have instructed over 7000 firearm students during the past 35 years. This has shown me a few things. Before you buy your first handgun, there are a few vitally important chunks of knowledge that you should know. These are: Which handgun designs and sizes are best for me? Which calibers will… Read more »