This convenient one day course is a basic through intermediate course that allows you to apply for your California “Carry Concealed Weapons” License in Shasta County and other California cities and counties that have approved this course. (The license is valid throughout California.) This is also a great course for developing your shooting skills to protect yourself and your home, whether or not you plan to obtain a license. We will cover firearms safety, state firearms law, the proper mindset for defending yourself, the levels of awareness, cover or concealment, and strategies to use during a violent encounter. You will be shooting at a range for several hours while simulating violent encounters. The course includes range practice during low light and night conditions, as well as practicing reloading while moving to cover. You will qualify with each handgun that you will list on your CCW license. Two handgun range qualification attempts are included with your course fee. Additional handgun qualification attempts are $5.00 each. BullsEye includes low light shooting and holster use instruction; the only north state CCW course to do so. How can you learn to carry concealed without learning to identify a threat at night or draw from a holster and defend yourself? Good question to consider when you’re comparing this course to courses offered by others. This course also allows you to obtain your Oregon non-resident CCW permit, as well as your Florida, Virginia, and Arizona non-resident CCW permits, which are recognized in over 30 states. No prior shooting experience is required to register for this course.

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