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BullsEye offers basic through advanced firearms training, including convenient one day concealed carry (CCW) training courses, in the Shasta County area of northern California. The founding instructor, Christopher Ewens, has taught thousands of law enforcement officers and citizens for over 30 years. Chris updates the BullsEye training constantly, incorporating the latest effective advancements in law enforcement and personal defense training.
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BullsEye concealed carry courses include low light shooting instruction and instruction in use of holsters. How can you learn to carry concealed without learning to identify a threat at night or draw from a holster and defend yourself? Good question to ask when you’re selecting a school for CCW instruction. Learning to use a holster and use a flashlight are both concepts that basic level students can learn without difficulty, something Chris has been doing for three decades.

 Courses offered include:

  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • Personal Protection
  • Advanced Handgun
  • Basic Rifle Safety
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Precision Marksman
  • Basic Shotgun Safety
  • Advanced Shotgun

The Personal Protection concealed carry courses meet the Shasta County, Trinity County, Tehama County, Siskiyou County, Modoc County, and many other California county requirements for California Concealed Carry (CCW) Licenses. If you are looking for Redding CCW classes, Shasta County CCW classes, Siskiyou County CCW classes, Tehama County CCW classes, Modoc County CCW classes, or Trinity County CCW classes, our courses are for you. The course also allows you to obtain Oregon, Arizona and Florida non-resident CCW licenses, so you can carry in over 30 states!

BullsEye courses are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. While safety is emphasized, every effort is made to ensure the courses are enjoyable for all. With a maximum of five students per basic/intermediate class and four students per advanced class, you will receive personal attention from the instructor. This is difficult if not impossible at other firearm training facilities, where you will have to shoot alongside 20 or 30 other students, and the student to instructor ratio is too high to allow significant personal attention from the instructors. Many courses are instructed with a student to instructor ratio of 20 to 1 or more. Ask yourself the question, “Could I improve my skills in a class where I share the instructor’s attention with nineteen other students as efficiently as I could in a class where I share the instructor’s attention with three or four other students?”

Ammunition costs have soared in recent years. Some firearm training schools shoot thousands of rounds during intermediate and advanced courses. At BullsEye we have termed this “pay to practice” courses. You practice concepts beyond the point when you have absorbed and understand the concepts. Rather than spend class time practicing what you can practice on your own time, we move on to learning other skills. This substantially reduces the ammunition requirements for BullsEye courses, and increases the amount of information provided in each course. We believe you can practice to reinforce your skills on your own time. In fact, all instructors and schools agree that it is essential for you to practice what you have learned after completing a course, or you will gradually lose the acquired skills.

BullsEye courses are affordable and designed so that you may continue your training and build your skills through each course. The courses are conveniently scheduled, including weekends, to fit your schedule. If your schedule is tight, you can privately schedule courses for dates that accommodate your schedule.

The typical mainstream firearm training school is located in the desert or in rural areas without trees. Many of these facilities do not have any shade – you spend the whole day shooting in the sun. At BullsEye, you can enjoy the comfortable mountain temperatures, and there is shade through much of the day. No more hot, grueling days spent broiling in the sun! You are paying to be here, not being paid to be here, and you should not have to endure needless discomfort! We appreciate the time, money, and effort you spend to attend courses at BullsEye, and show our appreciation by making our facilities as comfortable as we can while still challenging and testing your abilities.

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