Intermediate Rifle

Tactical Rifle Training Northern California

The purpose of this progressively intermediate to advanced ten hour course is to develop your urban rifle skills with your detachable magazine semi-automatic modern sporting rifle (MSR). After a review of firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting, we will work at distances ranging from 5 yards to 50 yards, enhancing your ability to quickly and effectively respond to a threat.

Rifle Training Courses Northern California

Covered topics will include tactical reloading, clearing malfunctions, use of cover and concealment, quickly acquiring sight pictures, and transitions from your rifle to your handgun. We will engage multiple targets, and utilize standing, kneeling, and prone positions. The emphasis will be on moving and using cover to minimize your exposure to incoming rounds. The small class sizes allow more realistic lateral movement and more realistic interaction with your class partners than what larger class size schools and instructors can provide.

The course will conclude with instruction in low light and night shooting, including the use of flashlights and weapon-mounted lights. Engaging targets in complete darkness is invaluable for learning the limitations of your lights at rifle distances. We compare using night vision devices versus using weapon-mounted lights, including the pros and cons of each.

Red dot sights can be used during this course, but we will also train with the factory iron sights to ensure effectiveness in the event of an optical sight malfunction. Participation with detachable magazine modern sporting rifles (MSRs) using standard capacity magazines is encouraged.

students in intermediate rifle course

Successful completion of Basic Rifle Safety, a hunter safety course, or a demonstrated equivalent level of shooting experience and knowledge is a prerequisite to register for this course. The course fee is $180.00 per student, with discounts for three or more students who register at the same time. State law allows you to buy the ammunition from BullsEye without a background check as is required in gun stores.

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