California CCW Initial Permit Classes

This one day course is the most convenient way for you to obtain your concealed carry (CCW) permit. The classroom and range instruction are completed together on the same day at the same location. Currently 100% of BullsEye initial CCW students qualify with their handguns!

This course meets the requirements of Shasta County, Redding, Siskiyou County, Mt. Shasta, Yreka, Weed, Modoc County, Trinity County, Tehama County, Red Bluff, and many other California counties and cities. As a bonus, this course also qualifies you to obtain your Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and Virginia non-resident permits! Combined, these permits allow you to carry in most states when you travel.

A new 2019 California state law requires all initial and renewal CCW applicants to qualify with each handgun listed on their CCW license. The Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity and Tehama county requirements are:

  • 5 rounds from a holster, 4 times, drawing from the holster for each 5 round group, 20 rounds total
  • All rounds fired from 7 yards, no time limit
  • All rounds fired from your supported strong hand
  • 80% passing score, which is 16 out of 20 shots in the 9 ring of a B-27 PRO-G target
  • Shasta County allows 5 handguns, Modoc County allows 4 handguns, and Siskiyou County allows 3 handguns on your CCW

This is what the target looks like. The actual target is 24 inches wide and 35 inches long. The 9 ring is the middle gray ring, two rings larger than the orange bullseye. 16 out of 20 shots have to be inside the 9 ring line. A bullet hole that breaks the outer 9 ring line counts.

The BullsEye classroom and range are at the same location, so your entire initial class is conveniently completed in less than one day. No running around on different days of the month to attend classroom instruction one day and range activities another day. No bringing a folding chair to sit outside at the range in the cold, rain or valley heat during classroom time, as is required in other local CCW courses. (That gets old real fast.)

You will qualify with each handgun that you plan to list on your CCW license. Two handgun range qualification attempts are included with your course fee. Additional handgun qualification attempts are $5.00 each. With the benefit of the instructor’s 34+ years of experience, you will be able to qualify. Currently 100% of our initial CCW students qualify!

We will cover firearms safety, state firearms law, the proper mindset for defending yourself, the levels of awareness, cover versus concealment, and strategies to use during a violent encounter. You will be shooting while simulating violent encounters, to better prepare you for defending yourself. The course includes range practice using your flashlight alongside your handgun, as well as practicing reloading and moving to cover.

BullsEye includes low light shooting instruction; the only local CCW course that includes this valuable instruction. How can you learn to carry concealed without learning to identify a threat at night so you can defend yourself? Good question to consider when you’re comparing this course to courses offered by others. If you don’t effectively identify a threat when it is dark, you could shoot the wrong person, with tragic results. The instructor, Chris Ewens, has taught these concepts to over 7000 basic level students for over 34 years with NO accidents or injuries.

The course fee is only $155.00 per student, with big discounts for two or more students who register at the same time. You can schedule private classes, no extra charge, for two or more students. No prior shooting experience is required to register for this course. State law allows you to buy the ammunition from BullsEye without a background check as is required in gun stores.

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