Advanced Rifle

Tactical Rifle Course Shasta County CA

Continuing on from what you learned in Intermediate Rifle, this eight hour course will add many new skills to your pool of knowledge. Shooting distances will range from CQB to 50 yards. After reviewing firearms safety and what we covered in Intermediate Rifle, we will cover topics that include shooting at moving targets, shooting while actually moving (not “stop/go” shooting), prioritizing targets, moving and shooting with partners (team tactics), and unconventional shooting positions.

Rifle Training Course Shasta County CA

Shooting at moving targets is a valuable skill to develop because people do not stand in one spot while engaged in a confrontation. Unlike what is frequently depicted in Hollywood movies, a threat that is moving is a challenging target for any shooter. During this course, you will engage moving targets. Another facet of the moving target class segment is learning to prioritize targets. When confronted with more than one threat, who’s first?

Shooting while moving is a skill that requires instructional tips and practice to become proficient. Unlike stationary shooting, the target is constantly moving due to your movement (and possibly the target moving). For many shooters, the tendency is to “snatch” or “jerk” the trigger at the moment the sight is aligned with the target center. This creates a snowball effect of inaccuracy that only grows the more the shooter snatches in frustration due to the inaccurate hits. One of the goals of this course is to show you the correct method of shooting while moving, and practicing correctly until your hits are consistently accurate.

Moving and shooting with partners is based on trust developed between the partners. You have to know that your partner is going to have safe habits and movement before you will want to practice what is variously called “bounding overlaps” or “leap-frogging”. In BullsEye classes we ensure that every student is on the same page, and with only four students maximum per class, that goal is achievable. Learning to cover and move is rewarding and is one of the most valuable skills you need for gunfighting.

Sometimes you will not be able to utilize an optimal position from behind adequate cover. Shooting under vehicles, shooting from behind a street curb, and shooting between gaps in walls are examples of unconventional shooting positions that require practice to develop efficient responses from those positions. During class, we try to cover as many shooting locations and positions as the class can think of.

As always, the class is limited to four students, and you will be performing your learned abilities while the instructor personally evaluates and improves your performance. Successful completion of Intermediate Rifle is a prerequisite to register for this course. The course fee is $180.00 per student. There is a three student minimum fee for private classes.

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