Violence against Christian churches has increased in the past few decades. Armed attackers have targeted Christian churches and Christians due to hatred of the Christian faith. Many of these tragedies could have been prevented if armed church members had responded in defense.

God’s guidance and my realization of this increased danger led me to try and help local Christians churches to increase their abilities to deter such attacks. The Bible tells us to defend ourselves when we are able to. It is a personal evangelic effort for me to train more churches and Christians to defend their worship events. Utilizing my decades of firearms training and SWAT team training experience, I can make local churches safer and more effective at countering the evil that could endanger churches.

The definition of a Christian that I adhere to is a person who believes in the trinity. A person that believes God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are one and the same. A person that believes Jesus died for his or her sins. A person that has asked God to forgive the person for his or her sins. Also, a person who believes that the Bible is God’s Word, is inspired by God, is error-free, and is the only word written by man that is inspired by God.

BullsEye offers free consultations, evaluations, and training of local churches! There is no charge for this service! I will come to your church, assess your security needs, provide my recommendations, and provide effective training for members of your church security team. My initial consultation will include a discussion of the ongoing persecution of Christians and Christian churches, and why Christianity has been targeted by various groups. Give me a call or email me if you believe your church may benefit from this service.