California CCW Permit & Tactical Firearms Training Classes

Shasta County CCW ClassBullsEye provides convenient concealed carry CCW permit, tactical handgun, and tactical rifle training courses in the Redding, Shasta County, Mt. Shasta, and Siskiyou County area of California.
BullsEye courses are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. You can schedule a private class for as little as two students, for no extra cost. This provides you with personal attention from the instructor.
In other Redding area CCW training classes you will have to shoot alongside 10 or 20 other students. Ask yourself, “Does sharing the attention of the instructor with many other students work as well as sharing with one other student?” This is why 100% of BullsEye CCW students have qualified shooting their handguns on their first attempt!
The owner and instructor, Christopher Ewens, has taught thousands of law enforcement officers and citizens for over 33 years.  Chris constantly updates the BullsEye training content, incorporating the latest effective advancements in law enforcement and CCW permit training.
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BullsEyeCalifornia CCW Permit & Tactical Firearms Training Classes