Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“Why should I pick BullsEye instead of XYZ School?”

“How do your rates compare to other firearms training services?”

“I’m not a SWAT team member. I have physical limitations. Would I benefit from your courses, or would I be frustrated trying to complete your courses?”

“I live out of the area. Are there adequate accommodations for me to stay overnight? Are there local airports?”

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“Why should I pick BullsEye instead of XYZ School?”

If you are considering BullsEye to complete your California concealed carry (CCW) training, be aware that BullsEye offers a one-day course. Most competing instructors offer courses spread out over several days. The content is no more extensive in competing courses, but the logistics of using ranges and classrooms require competitors to spread the class over several days. BullsEye class sizes are smaller than any of the competing CCW courses. BullsEye includes low light shooting instruction and instruction in use of  holsters; the only north state CCW course to do so. How can you learn to carry concealed without learning to identify a threat at night or safely draw from a holster and defend yourself? How can you learn to defend your home without learning to identify threats during the night? Good questions to consider when choosing between competitors’ courses and BullsEye courses. Bear in mind that several local competitors will charge you another course fee for an extra “advanced” course to learn these holster and flashlight skills.

Advanced tactical shooting training is available from many sources across the country. Many of these facilities are highly rated and have quality content. BullsEye staff understand that, much like martial arts, there are different approaches that work for different people. However, advanced tactical shooting requires the incorporation of certain training techniques in order to be effective.

We must comment on several important advanced firearms training techniques that BullsEye utilizes, that is not used by all firearms training facilities. No one can excel at advanced tactical firearms training without learning and practicing multi-dimensional shooting. (In other words, live-fire shooting in multiple directions at multiple targets.) Indoor ranges cannot accommodate this training, and the majority of outdoor ranges are not designed for such shooting. Conventional indoor and outdoor ranges are designed for linear training; for shooting at a target or targets in one direction downrange.

If anyone is claiming that you can successfully complete an advanced tactical firearms course without utilizing multi-dimensional shooting, they could be wasting your time and your money. There are a number of mainstream schools that do just this. It is absurd to assume that armed assailants would attack you from only one direction. When you are attacked, you will perform as you have been trained, and that includes your ability to return fire to assailants in more than one direction. BullsEye incorporates the use of range facilities that allow you to shoot 360 degrees, in other words, in all directions around you. In the north state area of California, including the Redding area, there are no competing schools or instructors that utilize dedicated advanced level facilities as part of their training.

In addition to shooting in more than one direction, the BullsEye range facilities and the small class size allow instruction in substantial movement to the rear, to the sides, to cover, and advancing on the target. No “one step to the left” or “one step to the right” in BullsEye classes! The BullsEye movement training is much more realistic and effective than what is taught at a number of mainstream schools.

Force on force training is another essential training technique that should be utilized by any facility that claims to prepare you for prevailing in life-threatening encounters. Utilizing airsoft firearm replicas that mimic the size, shape, weight, and operation of the actual firearms, BullsEye students participate in scenarios that involve gunfights with opponents. Stress is introduced in the exercises, to provide the experience of dealing with an armed threat while adrenaline is pumping and sensory abilities are impaired. Practicing under these conditions is essential and should be part of the content for any comprehensive advanced course.

Another important consideration that has to be included in advanced tactical firearms training is that the student to instructor ratio must be low. Preferably, no more than four or five students should be instructed at the same time by the same instructor, with the assistance of additional range attendants. Such a low student to instructor ratio is the policy of BullsEye for all courses. Other firearms training facilities instruct more students, as many as 20 or 30 per certified instructor at the same time. No matter how good the instructors, this ratio will result in less being learned and retained. Just ask any school teacher about class sizes.

“How do your rates compare to other firearms training services?”

We strive to provide courses at BullsEye that have quality content with affordable rates. Our rates are typically 20-50% less than our competitors. For example, our Advanced Handgun 1 and 2 courses are $180.00 each per student, with discounts for two or more students. Nationwide, competitors charge $300 to $600 per student for a comparable course content, with many more students per class. We keep our courses convenient and affordable so that you can take several courses and develop your skills further for the same cost of one course from competitors.

“I’m not a SWAT team member. I have physical limitations. Would I benefit from your courses, or would I be frustrated trying to complete your courses?”

We cannot state that anyone can complete our courses. For a variety of reasons, there are people who are simply not suited to own or use firearms. We can state that we make every effort at BullsEye to train our students at their appropriate level, and to introduce new concepts when we believe the student is ready. Our courses are instructed in a positive, patient manner to develop the confidence of our students and minimize stress. We want you to develop your shooting skills and remember our instruction as an experience worth recommending to others.

We do not utilize a “boot camp” mentality, as we believe anyone who pays for training should not have to endure physical suffering to learn. Your time and money is valuable. Why should you be wasting it pretending you are in a police academy or in military boot camp? We want students who are serious about learning and don’t need someone to force them to exercise in order to learn how to use firearms!

I live out of the area. Are there adequate accommodations for me to stay overnight? Are there local airports?

The city of Redding, with a population of over 100,000, is located less than an hour from the BullsEye facilities on the Interstate 5 corridor. There are many hotels, motels, campgrounds and restaurants. There are accommodations to meet the needs and budget of anyone. Shasta Lake, a large reservoir and a popular resort location, is located a few miles north of Redding.

For accommodations nearby the BullsEye facilities, there are convenient motels, reasonably priced cabin rentals, and campgrounds all located along the Interstate 5 corridor, in the scenic Upper Sacramento River Canyon. Upon request, a list of area motels and cabin rentals will be included in your course registration packet.

Sacramento International Airport is located about two hours driving time on Interstate 5 south of the Redding area. Commuter flights to Redding Airport are available from Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Airports. Car rentals are available at many locations in Redding. For private pilots attending BullsEye courses, there is a small airport, Mott Field, located near the Dunsmuir/Mt. Shasta area. Complementary rides to and from Mott Field are available for students attending any BullsEye advanced courses.

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