Normalcy Bias

I want to inform you about a trait that all of us share. I am not a psychologist or a doctor, so I will not state this in technical terms. Please forgive the use of simple descriptions for a complex mental process. Normalcy Bias is the tendency for our brains to desire continuity and stability…. Read more »

What is the “Best” Training?

The past 20 years has seen the American firearm training world flooded with new instructors offering training. What was a selection of a dozen or so training schools has grown to over a hundred choices. Each school offers their version of what they consider to be best. How does one choose? Firstly, there is no… Read more »

Why is Force-on-Force Training Important?

Force-on-Force training simulates defending yourself in real life. Airsoft handguns do a good job of simulating actual handguns. This is because airsoft handguns operate the same as an actual handgun. They use the same controls, gas blowback slide action and removable magazines. You load the magazines with the actual number of 6mm plastic BBs that… Read more »

How To Carry a Concealed Handgun

After choosing a handgun, the next most frequent question I get is how to carry the handgun concealed. This can be a frustrating process, because everyone has different body shapes, priorities about carrying, sizes and shapes of handguns, and then we add to that different seasons with different temperatures. There is no one way to… Read more »

Selecting Your First Handgun

At last count, I have instructed over 7000 firearm students during the past 35 years. This has shown me a few things. Before you buy your first handgun, there are a few vitally important chunks of knowledge that you should know. These are: Which handgun designs and sizes are best for me? Which calibers will… Read more »

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