Normalcy Bias

I want to inform you about a trait that all of us share. I am not a psychologist or a doctor, so I will not state this in technical terms. Please forgive the use of simple descriptions for a complex mental process.

Normalcy Bias is the tendency for our brains to desire continuity and stability. Without us being consciously aware of the process, our brains try to perpetuate what the brain knows to be “normal”.

When circumstances in life throw us a curve ball, the brain likes to pretend that things are still normal. The brain is in denial about the change from “normal”. Our brains are biased towards what the brain considers normal, hence the name Normalcy Bias. This can result in us hesitating to accept the change. Normalcy Bias can occur as the result of long evolving changes as well as rapid changes.

Reading about the plight of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany, I realized how deadly Normalcy Bias can be. In this case, the hesitancy of German Jews to accept the changes thrust upon them cost many of them their lives. Instead of getting the hell out of Dodge, they endured hoping that things would get back to “normal” someday.

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I am seeing Normalcy Bias in the reactions of many people to the events of the past few years here in the USA. The draconian government orders requiring people to inject a substance in them that has not been adequately tested, supposedly to protect them from a virus that is relatively mild for most people. The brutal treatment of the January 6, 2020 Washington DC ballot fraud protestors while they languished in jail. Many people in our government ignoring the First Amendment constitutional rights of Americans and using the “pandemic” as an excuse to close church doors. These are serious changes to American society and many are pretending that nothing has changed. I believe they are letting Normalcy Bias fog their societal lens.

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Don’t be in the last group of Americans to realize that we are on a path to destruction. The values and morality of American society are becoming absurd. Many schools are teaching our children and grandchildren Marxist political garbage. The entire biblical value system that God created is being challenged and ridiculed. The value of the dollar is evaporating. Our supply systems for food, automobiles, building supplies, and other goods are faltering and the prices are skyrocketing. Our mainstream media is a censored joke, reminiscent of Hitler’s or Stalin’s news medias.

Fight your Normalcy Bias. When the musical chairs tune stops, take steps to ensure you are not the one left standing. My advice? Quietly, incrementally, pull your money out of banks and financial markets, because money there will melt away. Convert cash to material items because cash is rapidly devaluing. Buy some pre-1965 silver dimes or quarters for eventual use if you can afford it.

To fight Normalcy Bias, your consumer habits will have to change. Invest some money in food that stores well. Purchase a good quality magazine-fed semiautomatic rifle, some extra mags, and ammunition. Learn how to operate it. Start networking and find other like-minded people who share your values and work out a defense pact in case the feces hits the fan. If the current Ukraine conflict has taught you nothing else, it should have taught you that small groups of dedicated fighters CAN make a difference.

When it gets bad, and it will, don’t be the guy who comes wandering up the driveway begging for food or protection. Suck it up and take steps to protect your loved ones, your neighborhood, and your small town. Don’t bother with that if you live in a city. There will be too many bad guys to deal with. Use your energy to quickly get away from the city. Read The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival book by Selco Begovic. He has survived what we may experience shortly in the USA.

Altering your Normalcy Bias means you will have to go outside your comfort zone and initiate things your relatives or your buddies at work may criticize or may ridicule. I don’t think there were many of those critics who survived the concentration camps during the years of Hitler, the Siberian death camps of Stalin, or the Cambodian camps of Pol Pot. Don’t let your Normalcy Bias get the best of you. Embrace the suck and plan for the New Normal.