Why is Force-on-Force Training Important?

Force-on-Force training simulates real life situations that could lead to using a handgun to defend yourself. Airsoft handguns do a good job of simulating actual semiautomatic handguns. These handguns operate the same as an actual handgun. They use the same controls, removable magazines, and gas blowback slide action.

The magazines are loaded with the actual number of 6mm plastic BBs that you would use in your handgun. The BBs sting when you are struck by them at close range. This expectation of pain helps simulate the stress you would be feeling when involved in an actual incident. Everyone involved wears face masks to protect their eyes and faces. Hits are counted as wounds and students have to react accordingly.

Examples of scenarios are mini-mart robbery, home invasion, and disgruntled employee at work. Dealing with living, thinking opponents results in a rapid learning curve. Force-on-force scenarios test and improve your current abilities. Participants play different roles each time a scenario is practiced. There is no substitute for this short of actually defending yourself.

The Active Shooter course at BullsEye is filled with force-on-force scenarios. We start with an explanation of using cover and a review of relevant laws. Everyone learns from the scenarios in a safe environment. As with all BullsEye courses, only five students maximum participate in this training. Private classes can be arranged on a date of your choosing with a minimum of three students.