Advanced Handgun

This one day, eight hour course begins with a review of the Intermediate Handgun course content. Then we cover handgun retention techniques, support hand shooting, and moving targets. We add selecting layered targets, covert versus dynamic building clearing techniques, communicating with hand signals, and clearing buildings in low light.

Support hand shooting is important because you may not always be able to shoot your handgun with your shooting hand. For example, if you’re right-handed, shooting around left corners can expose more of you to incoming rounds, as shown in the picture. Developing your support hand shooting ability increases your options.

Shooting at moving targets is a valuable skill to develop because people do not stand in one spot while engaged in a confrontation. Unlike what is depicted in Hollywood movies, a threat that is moving is a very challenging target. You will engage multiple moving targets.

Pairing up with other students, you will learn to communicate, enter buildings, and search together. You will practice covering each other and dividing the search between you. Both covert and dynamic entries are practiced.

As day turns to night, you will enter the simulated shoot house and practice your building clearing. You learn the strengths and weaknesses of using a hand-held flashlight and using lights mounted on your handgun. The advantages and disadvantages of continuously switching your light on and off while searching is covered. If you thought clearing a building in the day was challenging, wait until you try it in the night.

There will be minimal classroom time to allow maximum range time. A maximum of four students will be registered for each scheduled class. This provides you with more personal attention, resulting in more progress.

A prerequisite for this course is successful completion of Intermediate Handgun. The course fee is $180.00 per student. There is a three student minimum fee for private classes.

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