Affordable, convenient one day advanced course modules that can develop your skills to the level of police SWAT team members! Continuing to develop your handgun skills, this one day, ten hour course will review and continue what was instructed in Advanced Handgun 1. In addition to briefly reviewing the content of Advanced Handgun 1, you will be familiarized with handgun retention techniques, support hand shooting, moving targets, selecting layered targets, covert versus dynamic building clearing techniques, communicating with hand signals, clearing buildings in low light, and more. As in Advanced Handgun 1, you will be instructed in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere without compromising safety, and there will be minimal classroom time to allow maximum range time. A maximum of four students will be registered for each scheduled class, providing you with more personal attention, resulting in more progress. Successful completion of Advanced Handgun 1 is a prerequisite to register for this course.
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