Affordable, convenient one day advanced course modules that build on what you learned in the Personal Protection CCW course or in other basic/intermediate handgun courses! This one day, ten hour course starts at an intermediate level and moves on to advanced level concepts, including practice sessions at the tactical range that help you develop close contact shooting techniques, weapon retention positions, efficient use of cover or concealment, shooting at multiple targets, clearing malfunctions, moving and shooting, building searching skills (including in the shoot house!), low light level shooting, and more. There will be minimal classroom time and maximum range time. The course is designed to fine tune your handgun handling and improve your accuracy and speed. You will be instructed in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere without compromising safety. A maximum of four students will be registered for each scheduled class, providing you with more personal attention, resulting in more progress. Successful completion of Personal Protection (initial or renewal) or a demonstrated equivalent level of shooting experience and knowledge is a prerequisite to register for this course.
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